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Our Mission is to Make Cannabis Noble

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Noble Growth Corp. was founded with a rebellious spirit and an ambitious objective: to develop the finest cannabis in the world using cutting edge science and innovations in botany while giving back to the community of Drayton Valley, Alberta.cannabis cultivation
Noble is a leading cannabis grower dedicated to developing the best quality product while advancing the science and education behind cannabis cultivation.


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The legalization of cannabis has paved the way for cannabis growers to do the noble thing.

Reimagine a brighter future in medical, economic, and scientific fields, driven by a commitment to developing the highest quality cannabis.

The Noble Process


We start with pheno-hunting cannabis breeders and search through vast numbers of plants in order to find one with a number of exceptional qualities such as resin production, potency, weight, aroma and flavour.


Tissue Culture

Once we find a pheno that meets Noble standards, a tissue culture is then extracted that allows us to:

  • Strengthen the strain and create the best version of the plant
  • By using the tissue culture technique, the mutation can be introduced in the cultures and resistant mutants can be selected to produce resistant varieties
  • Ability to produce a consistent final product


Small Batch Hunting

Our cultivation facility was built with quality in mind and designed by our lead cultivators making sure they have an environment they are confident from which they can produce AAAA product.


Hang Dry & Slow Cure

  • Protect Trichomes
  • Preserve Terpenes
  • Ideal moisture throughout the buds
  • Resulting in a superior dried flower


Package for Preservation

We take pride in crafting a world-class flower and when it reaches our customers we want to make sure it is everything they expect and more. We have designed our packaging to help preserve the flower so when you buy it - it is always FRESH.

What sets us apart is our commitments to our
Three Noble Pursuits

1- science

Advancing thescience/education behind Cannabis cultivation.

2. community

Growing the community of Drayton Valley.

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Producing the best quality cannabis in the world.

Home to Drayton Valley


We believe knowledge is the greatest resource, which is why we are committed to educating our hometown of Drayton Valley on the agriculture, science, and economics behind the cannabis industry in order to foster life-long skills and careers for the people we feel most connected to.

Our Noble Products

At Noble we deliver the highest quality cannabis through our pursuit to advance the cannabis industry

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