Our Roots


The team at Noble is comprised of a diverse group of individuals from growers with 60 years of combined cannabis cultivation experience, dentists, engineers, cannabis experts, and entrepreneurs.

Together we have created a collaborative cannabis brand that will focus on cultivating beneficial strains that contain sought after cannabinoid, avonoid, and terpene profiles for both recreational and medical usage. Further through their network they will work with doctors to identify the most common ailments and work to cultivate strains to best treat those.


Cultivation Experience

The Noble cultivation team collectively has 60 years of growing experience, we have been able to consolidate all our experience and skills to develop a refined system to produce high-quality cannabis. Producing high-quality craft cannabis has been the core focus of our entire cultivation team.

The amalgamation of experience was acquired by individuals from several industry-leading regions including:




British columbia



The majority of our expertise was the product of years of cultivation through past and present medicinal marijuana programs provided by Health Canada (MMAR/ACMPR). These programs allowed our expert cultivators to procure and grow a variety of Cannabis strains that have many medicinal properties.

Our Mission is to Make Cannabis Noble

Noble is a quality cannabis company dedicated to creating prosperous communities in Alberta. We believe knowledge is the greatest resource, which is why we are committed to educating our hometown of Drayton Valley on the agriculture, science, and economics behind the cannabis industry in order to foster life-long skills and careers for the people we feel most connected to.


We are here to disrupt the cannabis industry by creating a premium workforce of products and people. We take pride in creating an open and inclusive environment where our people and product can flourish.

The growing nature of our industry drives us to empower one another through education, mentorship and guidance. At our very root, we are innovators and change agents who have tapped into an auspicious market to use as a force for good. 

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