Noble has spent years collecting and phenotype-hunting genetics with the ideal characteristics aimed towards craft cannabis cultivation.


Genetic selection lies at the core of Noble Growth Cannabis's commitment to addressing specific medical needs faced by Canadian veterans. With a meticulous approach, we have procured and cultivated strains tailored to alleviate the unique challenges that veterans may encounter.

Our focus on genetic diversity enables us to offer strains designed to target specific medical ailments commonly experienced within the veteran community. Whether it's pain management, sleep disorders, or other health concerns, our carefully curated selection is geared towards providing effective and personalized solutions.

By combining the expertise of our veteran partners with the science of genetic selection, Noble Growth Cannabis aims to deliver not just cannabis products, but targeted relief and support for the well-being of our Canadian veterans.

Step by step



Pheno Hunting

We start with pheno-hunting cannabis breeders and search through vast numbers of plants in order to find one with a number of exceptional qualities such as resin production, potency, weight, aroma and flavour.

Tissue Culture

Once we identify a phenotype meeting Noble standards, we extract a tissue culture to enhance the strain, introduce mutations for resistance, and ensure consistent production of the final product.

Small Batch Hunting

Our cultivation facility was built with quality in mind and designed by our lead cultivators making sure they have an environment they are confident from which they can produce AAAA product.


Hang Dry & Slow Cure

  • Protect Trichomes
  • Preserve Terpenes
  • Ideal moisture throughout the buds
  • Resulting in a superior dried flower


Package for Preservation

We take pride in crafting a world-class flower and when it reaches our customers we want to make sure it is everything they expect and more. We have designed our packaging to help preserve the flower so when you buy it - it is always FRESH.

Sale & Distribution

We are committed to providing recently harvested products directly from our cultivation facility to our patients timely & efficiently. The veteran community has been treated as a dumping ground for undesirable products from other producers. Veterans deserve better.   

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