Genetic selection lies at the core of Noble Growth Cannabis’s commitment to addressing specific medical needs faced by Canadian veterans. With a meticulous approach, we have procured and cultivated strains tailored to alleviate the unique challenges that veterans may encounter.

Our focus on genetic diversity enables us to offer strains designed to target specific medical ailments commonly experienced within the veteran community. Whether it’s pain management, sleep disorders, or other health concerns, our carefully curated selection is geared towards providing effective and personalized solutions.

By combining the expertise of our veteran partners with the science of genetic selection, Noble Growth Cannabis aims to deliver not just cannabis products, but targeted relief and support for the well-being of our Canadian veterans.

Pheno Hunting

Pheno Hunting: Our journey begins with pheno-hunting. By thoroughly examining numerous plants, we identify those with exceptional qualities like resin production, potency, aroma, and flavor.

Tissue Culture: Once a superior phenotype is identified, we use tissue culture techniques to refine the strain, enhancing its resilience and ensuring consistent production of high-quality cannabis.

Small Batch Cultivation: Quality is at the heart of our operations. Our cultivation facility, designed by leading cultivators, ensures an optimal environment for producing premium-grade cannabis.

Hang Dry & Slow Cure: Our process of hang drying and slow curing focuses on protecting trichomes and preserving terpenes, resulting in superior dried flower with ideal moisture content

Packaging and Distribution

At Noble, our commitment to excellence extends from the careful cultivation of our cannabis to the moment it reaches our customers. We take immense pride in delivering world-class cannabis, and this is reflected in every aspect of our operations, especially in packaging and distribution.

Our packaging is not just a container but a testament to our dedication to quality and freshness. It is meticulously designed to preserve the integrity and potency of our cannabis products. By protecting against external elements and maintaining the ideal conditions, our packaging ensures that every product arrives in pristine condition, as fresh and effective as the day it was harvested.

When it comes to distribution, our approach is founded on efficiency and responsibility. We understand the importance of timely access to our products, particularly for the veteran community who rely on our cannabis for therapeutic purposes. That’s why we have streamlined our distribution process to ensure that our freshly harvested cannabis is delivered directly from our facility to our customers with minimal delay. This approach not only maintains the quality and freshness of our products but also honors our commitment to providing the best to those who have served.

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